Command line stress testing tool configurable via command line arguments.

$ cgr-tester -h
Usage of cgr-tester:
 -category string
       The Record category to test. (default "call")
 -config_path string
       Configuration directory path.
 -cpuprofile string
       write cpu profile to file
 -datadb_host string
       The DataDb host to connect to. (default "")
 -datadb_name string
       The name/number of the DataDb to connect to. (default "10")
 -datadb_pass string
       The DataDb user's password.
 -datadb_port string
       The DataDb port to bind to. (default "6379")
 -datadb_type string
       The type of the DataDb database <redis> (default "redis")
 -datadb_user string
       The DataDb user to sign in as. (default "cgrates")
 -dbdata_encoding string
       The encoding used to store object data in strings. (default "msgpack")
 -destination string
       The destination to use in queries. (default "1002")
 -file_path string
       read requests from file with path
       Use JSON RPC
 -memprofile string
       write memory profile to this file
 -parallel int
       run n requests in parallel
 -rater_address string
       Rater address for remote tests. Empty for internal rater.
 -redisSentinel string
       The name of redis sentinel
 -redisCluster bool
       Is the redis datadb a cluster
 -cluster_sync string
       The sync interval for the redis cluster
 -cluster_ondown_delay string
       The delay before executing the commands if thredis cluster is in the CLUSTERDOWN state
 -mongoQueryTimeout string
       The timeout for queries
 -req_separator string
       separator for requests in file (default "\n\n")
 -runs int
       stress cycle number (default 100000)
 -subject string
       The rating subject to use in queries. (default "1001")
 -tenant string
       The type of record to use in queries. (default "")
 -tor string
       The type of record to use in queries. (default "*voice")
 -usage string
       The duration to use in call simulation. (default "1m")
       Prints the application version.