CGRateS Installation

We have chosen Debian Jessie as operating system, since all the software components we use provide packaging for it.


Some components of CGRateS (whether enabled or not, is up to the administrator) depend on external software like:

  • Git used by CGRateS History Server as archiver.
  • Redis to serve as Rating and Accounting DB for CGRateS.
  • MySQL to serve as StorDB for CGRateS.

We will install them in one shot using the command bellow.

apt-get install git redis-server mysql-server

Note: We will use this MySQL root password when asked:


Installation steps are provided within the CGRateS install documentation.

Since this tutorial is for master version of CGRateS, we will install CGRateS out of temporary .deb packages built out of master code:

dpkg -i cgrates_0.9.1~rc8_amd64.deb

As described in post-install section, we will need to set up the MySQL database (using as our root password):

cd /usr/share/cgrates/storage/mysql/
./ root localhost

Once the database is in place, we can now set versions:

cgr-migrator -stordb_passwd="" -migrate="*set_versions"

At this point we have CGRateS installed but not yet configured. To facilitate understanding and speed up the process, CGRateS has the configurations used in these tutorials available in the /usr/share/cgrates/tutorials folder.