Rating history

Enhances CGRateS with ability to archive rates modifications.

Large scaling posibility using server-agents approach. In a distributed environment, there will be a single server (which can be backed up using technologies such as Linux-HA) and more agents sending the modifications to be archived.


Part of the cgr-engine.

Controlled within history_server section of the configuration file.

Stores rating archive in a .git folder, hence making the changes available for analysis via any git browser tool (eg: gitg in linux).


  • On startup reads the rating archive out of .git folder and caches the data.
  • When receiving rating information from the agents it will recompile the cache.
  • Based on configured save interval it will dump the rating cache (if changed) into the .git archive.
  • Archives the following rating data:
  • Destinations inside destinations.json file.
  • Rating plans inside rating_plans.json file.
  • Rating profiles inside rating_profiles.json file.


Integrated in the rating loader components.

Part of cgr-engine and cgr-loader.

Enabled via history_agent configuration section within cgr-engine and history_server command line parameter in case of cgr-loader.

Sends the complete rating data loaded into dataDb to history_server for archiving.